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Welcome to Recyclecat.Com another great site brought to you by Infra-Net Publishing, Inc.. Recyclecat.Com was designed as a learning portal to the scrap metal and recycling industries. The site is used by entrepreneurs, students wanting to learn more about these industries and corporate leaders learning about the latest rules and regulations about safety, trucking, pricing, environmental issues and much more!

Explore the pages of Recyclecat.Com and you will see that there is an advantage to stopping on occasion to sharpen ones saw. There is a FREE pricing forum, a book store with titles on Metal Sorting, Metallurgy, Management, Safety, Environmental and much more.

If you are selling recycling machinery there is a free classified ads section. If you want to learn about recycling machinery there is animation's and descriptions of several types.

Last but not least Recyclecat.Com has many links to industry web sites.


If you're an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity you've found it. Scrap prices surged to new highs over the past several years and the demand does not look to end. Steel, Copper, Platinum and other metals will always be in demand by the world's manufactures. What you need to know is how to identify the non-ferrous scrap metal that'll make you rich.

Don't make it too complex. Stick to buying low and selling high. Find the sources of scrap by identifying the metals that have the greatest value. In this business it's "what you know" that'll make you successful.

If you're ready to make the small investment to move forward? Try one of our publications at our Book Store.

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This site contains books about Metal Sorting, aluminum recycling, brass recycling, copper recycling, metal alloys, metal identification, metal recyclers, metal recycling, metal sorting aluminum, Beryllium, Bismuth, Cobalt, Copper, Gallium. Germanium, Hafnium, Indium, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese. The site also has information about Nickel, Precious Metals, Rare Earth Metals, Refractory Metals, Superalloys, Tin, Titanium, Uranium, Vanadium, Zinc, Zirconium, Alluminum and its alloys, Copper and its alloys, lead and its alloys, Magnesium and its alloys, Tin and its alloys, Zinc and its alloys Heat treating specific metals, Fabrication, Fracture. In theese industries it is also good to know this site has information about Corrosion, Fatigue, Wear, Failures, Leaching, Quality Control, OSHA compliance, OSHA Inspections, Basic Metal Sorting, Metal Sorting Handbook, Rom. Recyclecat.com also lists Radiation detection, Scrap Yards, Scrap Yard, Scrap. Waste, Trash, Recycle, Reuse, Landfill, Landfills, Recycling Growth, Legislative Policies, Waste Streams, Recycling Goals, Separation, Processing, Marketing, Financial Planning, Psychology. Many materials including such things as electronics, paper, aluminum, glass, steel, carpet, textiles. Tires, batteries, construction, hazardous waste, mercury and more Transfer Stations, Material recovery facilities, Landfills, Equipment, Public Awareness, Training, Collection, Quality Control, Commercial Programs. Entries on new materials, including recyclable plastics, fullerenes, hard-surfaced polymers, dendrimers, transflective materials, rapid prototyping materials, silicon nitride, supercritical fluids, bulk molding compounds, conversion coatings, folic acid, replacements for chorofluorocarbons, and thousands more, and metals. minerals, fuels, plastics, textiles, finishes, woods, pharmaceuticals, elastomers, ceramics, coatings, composites, industrial substances, foodstuffs, and natural plant and animal substances Real Estate Management,. Requirements of the ASTM Standard, Vender Audits, Hazardous Waste Vender Audits, Public & Regulatory Relations. There is also OSHA Inspection, Responding to Inspections, Environmental Emergencies, Spill Response, Spill Reporting Requirements, Emergency Response Information and Training. Facility Spills, SPCC Plans, In Transit Spills, Response Contractor Management, Regulations, What is Hazardous waste?, Common Waste, Requirements can be founf here. There is also Waste Water, Equipment Wash Waters, Oil-Water Separators, Waste Streams, Discharge Regulation, Used Oil, Storage, On-Site Oil Burning,. Transfer Facility Requirements, Disposal of Wastes that are not Hazardous Wastes. How to select a waste Service Firm, Waste Reduction, Scrap Tires, Parts Cleaning Solvents, Coolants Recycling, Underground Storage Tank Management, Petroleum Requirements, Release Response, Permanent UST Closure, Financial Responsibility, Record Keeping, Above Ground Storage Tanks. Storm Water, Air Quality, Hazardous Communication, Trade Secrets. OSHA Rules, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Electrical, Industrial Stairs, PPE, Spray, Fixed Ladders, Powered Industrial Trucks, Means of Egress. Hazardous Energy, Confined Space, Employee Duties, Indoor Air Quality, Asbestos Management.

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