"Basic Metal Sorting"

By: Nick E. Reinfeld


Identify clean 6063 aluminum from contaminated 6063 and "Basic Metal Sorting" will pay for itself. From there on what is learned will be profit!

Turn over is a problem and training new employees takes time and money. How does one of the most successful businesses in the country handle the highest turnover rate? McDonalds handles it by formatted training methods instituted by teens. Train your employees to identify valuable scrap in the ferrous yard, in your nonferrous piles and when materials are PURCHASED ($) across your scale!

"Basic Metal Sorting" is the perfect tool for the beginning metal sorter or the advanced metal sorter. The metals are separated in chapters to make them easy to find for reference. Loaded with photos and illustrations the "Metal Sorting Handbook" is a tool every scale person should have.

Decrease mistakes and save money by giving your employees the correct tools to get the job done right!

As the executives of Intel have shown us, it is a multitude of small improvements that increase profits! For a small investment many scrap yard employees across the globe are finding a copy of "Basic Metal Sorting" on their desks and in their lockers! These companies are taking the steps needed to be profitable in the 21st century.

Information Included:
  • Metal sorting a Valuable trade!
  • Tools needed and the sorting area explained.
  • Brass alloys.
  • Copper classifications.
  • Radiators sorting and cleaning.
  • Aluminum alloys grading and sorting.
  • Nickel alloys.
  • Other metals such as lead, zinc, tool steel and more!
  • Spark Testing
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