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Even Whistler had to go to court to defend his work! Remember James Whistler from school or from your last visit to the art museum? How about Whistler's Mother? Or as art historians call it "Artist's Mother". Whistler, around 1874, painted "The Falling Rocket". People hated it Whistler took a critic to court and won a precedence that art can be art for arts sake. This is a battle artists still face today! There is a freedom that artists have that no other trade has. In fact when people do bend the rules in other trades they are called artists. One plus one does not always equal two to an artist. What a boring world we would live in if this was not the case. New ideas and societies advancements come from people who believe in pushing the envelope. We would not have any of today's modern conveniences without this out of the box point of view.

Let us not try to stagnate societies future but let the artist do what they do best. By allowing us to view the world from a non conforming point of view!

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Junk or Art?
Lawrence Township, in Ohio, is battling a man over his rights to create art in his back yard! P.R. Miller has created art from scrap metals and other discarded materials for years. Does the township want to impede an artist or just denounce recycling?

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