"Metal Sorting Handbook"

By: Ed Kreisman

Training new employees at a scrap yard is a time consuming and costly process. Finding reference materials that are easily used by empolyees to help identify odd ball scrap could save you money on a daily basis! "There is know such thing as a dumb question"! How many people live by this quote? Are your veterans always available to help the inexperienced employee? Are you stuck in an employee rotation because of a lack of knowledge?

With over one hundred metals covered, the "Metal Sorters Handbook" provides a comprehensive, definition and learning guide to the scrap industry. It has 70 plus pages filled with descriptive identification guides and tips, photographs, illustrations, and a host of reference charts. The book include large sections dedicated to brass and aluminum identification and also a chapter on precious metals. It includes information on abbreviations, factory identification marking, alloy percentages, densities, melting points, casting tables, AISA and ACI standards, specific gravity and chemical and alloy symbols.

The author describes everything from spark testing to acid testing. This book is a must for all metal sorters and scale personal. "There is know such thing as a dumb question"? As a supervisor, manager or owner of a scrap yard are you SURE the important questions are being asked? Give your employees the tool they need to make the correct decision!

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