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Reality TV is getting old fast. Network executives are looking hard to find the next reality TV show with the most fascinating human interest angle. What about your scrap yard or recycling center? As manager of a small feeder yard in Akron, Ohio for over six years, I experienced meeting the most interesting people there! From the employees to the businesses and peddlers who visited the yard on a daily basis, we were constantly bombarded by the strangest of events.
Old Garage - Full of Junk and Recyclables. The glass was broken but never repaired. If you look closely you'll see the "praying hands".

The owner keeps it this way as it makes her yard "HAPPY".

The photos to the left and at the top of the page reveal just a glimpse of not only the personality of the people I met but also of the scrap we purchased and sold. Scrap metal recycling is an industry that cannot be easily explained and is not a topic of discussion in mainstream America. Scrap yard workers and customers are a special breed. Handling scrap is a dirty, smelly, laborious job. These people represent the base of the American spirit due to their hard work ethic. For this reason, we feel a photo contest will help our visitors see and experience the best of what scrap and recycling centers have to offer.

I’m looking for funny, interesting, thought provoking photos featuring the processing of scrap, equipment, employees, customers, peddlers, and whatever else you find that helps celebrate your yard.

Feel free to ad captions or a short (Very Short) discription. We can use digital images or photos that we can scan. Send them by mail to: Infra-Net Publishing, Inc., PO Box 677, Bath, Ohio 44210.

A prize will be given on a monthly bases. The contest will run as long as we continue to receive photos. The first prize will be a copy of "Basic Metal Sorting" written by me, Nick E. Reinfeld.

All Photos will be displayed on this web site


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