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Scrap Metals Processing is a tough business. It requires tough people and tough Equipment to handle the challenges.

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Production Control
Production control is not a big subject at most scrap yards but it should not be forgotten. A scrap yard as in any manufacturing plant can track and control production down to the most simplest tasks. Production control should be implemented in yard and building layout. Including important variables such as scale location, receiving , material placement, material processing, material handling and in your offices.

Today more and more equipment is being used to handle scrap and recyclable materials. As on a production line each piece of equipment should be yard sticked and a regular schedule should be created. The key to this is communication. An operator should be aware of the yard stick and manager or supervisor should carry all responsibility to communicate with them. An employee is only as good as the one who picked him for the job!

Communication also should be used between the production control office and the manager and supervisor in charge. It is imperative that the manager or supervisor is clear on measurements and formulas used to create yard sticks. This is the full responsibility of the production control office. The production control office is best run from the site where work is being performed. Because of the hundreds of various types of materials being purchased this measurement and yard sticking is a daily job.

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