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The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) is an industry association that promotes and sustains the recycling of all steel products. The SRI educates the solid waste industry, government, business and ultimately the consumer about the benefits of steel's infinite recycling cycle.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (Visit ISRI)

ISRI is the trade association of the scrap processing and recycling industry. It represents 1,400 companies that process, broker, and industrially consumed scrap commodities including metals, paper, plastics, glass, rubber, and textiles.

Listed here are just some of the services ISRI provides to the industry: Advocacy, Networking, Education and Training, Everyday Communications, Dollar Saving Programs

Aluminum Can Recycling

    Is the Aluminum Recycling Rate Falling?

Aluminum Can Recycling

    1994 65.4%

    1995 62.2%

    1996 63.5%

    1997 66.5%

Aluminum Association

    Down to 44.2% 1999
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