is a vital part of the Scrap Recycling Industry. To learn, prevent and record about safety incidents is to save lives. Most companies have taken this as their responsibility and have created safety programs. These programs include written safety rules, procedures, and incident recording. All information is collected and reviewed at regular management and employees safety meetings.

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OSHA Inspector Writes Helpful Publication

You'll find detailed guidance, in "OSHA Inspections" by: Rick Kaletsky, for conducting your own on-site inspection ... conversing with OSHA compliance officers ... record keeping and recording ... formulating and OSHA visit action plan ... investigating accidents ... citation remedies ... defense to citations ... negotiating strategies ... and much more!

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Hand Protection

Double Gloving

Gloves are designed for different jobs. Thin cotton gloves are for light duty work when hands need to be clean and warm. Leather gloves are for heavy work areas and provide some protection from cuts, scrapes and bruises. When working in cool climates double gloving provides the warmth and durability. The cotton gloves are put on first to keep the hands warm by whisking away perspiration and then the heavier gloves are put on for protection.

Triple Play?

In environments that have moisture to contend with using three gloves may do the trick. Try using a cotton glove, rubber glove and then the leather glove. The liner absorbs the sweat and provides comfort, the rubber stops fluids, and the leather protects against sharp surfaces.

Several Pair Per Shift?

Gloves are inexpensive compared to improving employee morale and production. Gloves get wet and cut easily. The harder the worker the faster they will go through a pair! Don't punish them by not providing the proper PPE.

Cable Crane Certification


Hearing Loss "WHAT?" Hearing Loss
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