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The world wide web has allowed companies get together to make deals that just ten years ago would have been impossible. You're markets are not as small as they once where and if your not taking advantage of what the web has to offer you're loosing out! Where some critics have said that on line brokering of scrap would not work business is thriving.
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Buying and Selling Scrap?
We have found that scrap metals buying and selling is an art that takes years of hard work and experience to master. To help out future traders we ask that you answer the questions below to the best of your abilities. We only want concrete answers so please do not be indecisive.
  1. When the price of copper begins to fall a sure way to maintain profits is to sell?
  2. When the competition raises their prices you raise yours?
  3. When the US economy is on the rise so is scrap prices?
  4. Grading materials is always done correctly by scale personal?
  5. We want the US to stay competitive making steel but there are to many outdated mills running today?
  6. If a scrap yard obtains an analysis on metals this guarantees no down grades by consumers?
  7. Expenses cause losses not pricing?
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